Sara Vedde

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0% reached of my target amount €10.000

Hi all,

I am Sara and I am trying to help for Somalia. My goal is to raise money for Somalia. Due to years of war and ongoing violence, basic services such as medical care, food and sanitation are absent or of very poor quality. In addition, people suffer from the disastrous consequences of drought and disappointing rains, or, on the contrary, from very heavy rains that cause flooding. The drought is causing loss of livestock, increase in food prices, lack of water and land that is becoming unsuitable for agriculture and livestock breeding.

We give a lot of attention to Ukraine, but we must not forget Somalia! While the world is watching Ukraine, a disaster is unfolding in Somalia. "Famine is imminent, and today we are getting a final warning," Griffiths said.

In 2010, there was also a famine in Somalia. nearly 260,000 Somalis, including 133,000 children under the age of five, died of starvation between October 2010 and April 2012. We saw this happening, but we did nothing about it. That must now change.

The pictures are not pretty, but unfortunately this is how things are now.