Lego Xmas Village for refugees

Maite Huis in ‘t Veld

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from €250 (234%)

To spread Xmas cheer we have built a Lego Xmas village for our neighbors to enjoy in our windowsill. To amplify the Xmas spirit we would like to ask our neighbors who enjoyed our Xmas display to donate a small amount to help refugees during these cold months. We will double the neighborhoods donations at the end of December (max of €250). Thank you in advance!

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03-01-2023 | 22:32
15-12-2022 | 17:42
15-12-2022 | 16:42
15-12-2022 | 07:27 Thanks to all for donating! We doubled the first €250 donated but let’s keep this Xmas spirit going
14-12-2022 | 19:43