Your act of kindness can save a life!

War, violence, and oppression have forced more than 100 million people worldwide to flee for the first time. This is reported by the UN Refugee Agency. In June 2021, the figure was still 82 million people. Clean drinking water from the tap, medicines at the pharmacy, and a familiar home to return to. Many do not have access to such basic necessities.

Will you help, too, raising money so we can provide medical aid, clean drinking water, emergency kits, and so much more? 

How? Hold a charity run, sell stuff (online), put a donation box at your party or wedding, or challenge your colleagues, friends, and family to run for the Refugee Foundation.  

All actions help. Together with you and the whole of the Netherlands, we will show that every human life counts. Thank you, and keep up the excellent work!  

Start your action now!

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Create your fundraising page or join a team with friends, co-workers, your sports team or class mates. Take a look at these inspiring examples.

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29-01-2023 | 18:46 To: Kort van Stof